I am 19 years old and i love RC.

I live in the small but beautiful Denmark.

In this blog i will try to help all you out there with your future projects and builds. I will be updating this blog regularly and as often as i can!

I have been driving electric and petrol RC-cars. I have also flown helicopters and planes in the time i have been in the RC world.

Now i am going to try out multicopters. Not only fly them but also build them.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you very much sir. We salute your kind gesture towards those of us who love RC.

    Thank you again.



  2. Hey very nice and productive site , i would like to build a quad for aerial photografy, can the quadcopter that you provided on your site carry a go-pro camera, and is there anyway you can make the quad fly 45 minuts/ thanks

    • Thank you! Yes the quadcopter i build (all three of them on the site) can easily carry a GoPro. But make it fly 45 minutes in 1 stroke will be a hard time if not impossible to do. You can get flight times of 10 minutes i believe, so basically you can just buy a lot of batteries, and then land – change – fly. But make it fly 45 minutes on 1 battery, i don’t think that is possible. Hope this helps.

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