Tricopter Build series – Which parts? [Part 1]

Hello again.

Since the last time i posted a blog update i decided i wanted to build a tricopter instead. This will be done the same way as i did with the quadcopter series, only a little more detailed. I will be uploading the series with only a few days in between the videos, as well as posting the updates here on the blog. I am also currently working a “Complete tricopter guide” where i will be making a full write up on how to make the tricopter. This will be published in a few weeks.

Tricopter build – Which parts? [Part 1]

So basically part 1 will be to collect the needed parts. The parts i used was:

Parts used:

MultiWii Pro board with GPS module:




Yaw Servo:

Yaw mechanism:


ESC flash tool: (You need both)


10mm*13mm*500mm arms. You need three 50cm long booms, which is 10*13 mm’s thick. Bought at local hardware store.
2,5 mm plywood for the two middle plates.

So this is basically part 1. These parts and links are also to be found under the parts tab if you click “Tricopter”.

Thats all for now. More to come shortly. Bye!



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