Fatshark AttitudeSD

Alright so i went ahead and ordered the Fatshark AttitudeSD video goggles for use with FPV. This way i can see what the plane/multirotor/car sees and control as a real pilot/driver would! It is incredibly fun! I did a unboxing video of this which is here:

I got a video of me driving FPV with the goggles from inside of a car. It will be posted later today!


It works!!

Today i did a lot of soldering. Which ended up pretty good i think! When it was finished i tested the ESC’s and the motors. And guess what. It works! It’s the first time in this hobby where i didn’t get anything that did not work. I’m so happy. So there is not very much left before i’ll take it out doors and test it out! I hope for this weekend – but i do have a lot of work to do for the upcoming week so, we’ll see about that!

I’m sorry i do not have any pictures just yet. But i promise a new video will be up soon. Bye!


Update and some new ideas!

Today i just made i update video containing some new ideas and some updates for the building process. Be sure to check it out! Like my Facebook page for more often updates and be sure to follow my blog, and of course subscribe to my youtube channel! Enjoy!

Quadcopter Build v1.0 [Part 3]


The rest of the parts!

So i made part 2 of the video log. In this video i will be going through the rest parts and pieces. Remember to subscribe to my channel and here on this blog. Do also remember to Follow us on Facebook for more often updates! Enjoy!

Quadcopter Build v1.0 [Part 2]