New Beautiful bixler flight footage

I found this footage from last autumn with my bixler plane, and it is actually pretty beautiful. I was very high and very far way given that i flew the plane LOS(line of sight), and not FPV yet.

Also i am editing som video on the HobbyKing multiwii board in action, and you’ll see it soon enough. I’m looking forward to a new season of flying with you all!



H-Copter with MultiWii Pro ready!

I finally got time to finish setting up the MultiWii board in my H-copter. Not that it’s hard to setup, I just didn’t got the time because of my studies. So if the weather gets a little better I will be test flying it today, and I will of course be recording it so all you people out there can see how the HobbyKing MultiWii Pro with MTK GPS module behaves in a H-copter with stock PID. Have a good day!