New Beautiful bixler flight footage

I found this footage from last autumn with my bixler plane, and it is actually pretty beautiful. I was very high and very far way given that i flew the plane LOS(line of sight), and not FPV yet.

Also i am editing som video on the HobbyKing multiwii board in action, and you’ll see it soon enough. I’m looking forward to a new season of flying with you all!


Beautiful Bixler evening flight in HD

So i discovered that the light outside was brilliant, and the weather for that matter, for some shots today. So i managed to quickly find a way mount the GoPro HD Hero 2 on the Bixler and balance it out. I basically took off the canopy, replaced it with a thin piece of wood held on with rubber bands. Placed the GoPro on the wood and strapped some rubber bands around it. I just took the supplied 4 washers (that was originally glued in the nose of the plane) and hot glued them on the vertical stabilizer. But well. Enjoy this beautiful bixler evening flight in HD:


FPV gear stuck in customs

I am worry you haven’t heard from me in a couple of days. But i don’t really have anything to say. Well yes i do, i made a new landing gear for my quadcopter. It is a bit more simple and not as big, as before. It does actually work quite well. And as you can see in the titel my FPV gear is currently stuck in the customs, so.. a bit longer. Hopefully the first parts will arrive for my Bixler soon. But we’ll see. Have fun till i see ya!