2012 in review

Annual Report:

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had overĀ 17,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 4 Film Festivals!

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H-Copter with MultiWii Pro ready!

I finally got time to finish setting up the MultiWii board in my H-copter. Not that it’s hard to setup, I just didn’t got the time because of my studies. So if the weather gets a little better I will be test flying it today, and I will of course be recording it so all you people out there can see how the HobbyKing MultiWii Pro with MTK GPS module behaves in a H-copter with stock PID. Have a good day!



ETA of Turnigy 9XR?

ImageSo is it only me that’s anxious to know when the new Turnigy 9XR radio comes out? I can barely wait! On the official 9XR thread, hobby kings CEO said that they had to hire 60 new employees to produce enough of these radios. And the production should have started early August. This means they should have a whole lot of radios by now, so hopefully it will be released in the upcoming weeks! Heres a link to the 9XR thread if thats of interest to you. Express your opinion in the comments section below!


Sneak peak of the transmitter can be seen in this video:



Beautiful Bixler evening flight in HD

So i discovered that the light outside was brilliant, and the weather for that matter, for some shots today. So i managed to quickly find a way mount the GoPro HD Hero 2 on the Bixler and balance it out. I basically took off the canopy, replaced it with a thin piece of wood held on with rubber bands. Placed the GoPro on the wood and strapped some rubber bands around it. I just took the supplied 4 washers (that was originally glued in the nose of the plane) and hot glued them on the vertical stabilizer. But well. Enjoy this beautiful bixler evening flight in HD:


HobbyKing MultiWii PRO with MTK GPS module

HobbyKing MultiWii PRO with MTK GPS module:

So i saw on hobbyking that they launched a series of multiwii boards and one of those even has a gps module with. So i couldn’t restrain myself and i went ahead and ordered it. It arrived today and i looks very good so far. I haven’t tested it yet but i sure will do that over the weekend. So far i have made a “unboxing” video so you can get an impression of what this really is. I’m planning on using this with the MegaPirateNG or Arducopter IF i can. Some say it won’t be compatible and some say it will. So i’m going to find out myself. IF i however can’t make it work with those programs, i will be using the newest version of the MultiWii which i believe is the v2.1 – i don’t know so maybe i’m wrong. Don’t take my word for it. But for now you can enjoy the unboxing video and i will return with more on this board.





Mod a HXT900 9g servo!

So, ever wanted to make a servo go further than 90 degrees? Well i did. So i found a way to make them go further, and even make it do continuos rotation! I have made a video guide for it, and the “text based” will be airborne soon! So check out the video below. This mod makes the possibilities with a servo endless!