New Beautiful bixler flight footage

I found this footage from last autumn with my bixler plane, and it is actually pretty beautiful. I was very high and very far way given that i flew the plane LOS(line of sight), and not FPV yet.

Also i am editing som video on the HobbyKing multiwii board in action, and you’ll see it soon enough. I’m looking forward to a new season of flying with you all!



Beautiful Bixler evening flight in HD

So i discovered that the light outside was brilliant, and the weather for that matter, for some shots today. So i managed to quickly find a way mount the GoPro HD Hero 2 on the Bixler and balance it out. I basically took off the canopy, replaced it with a thin piece of wood held on with rubber bands. Placed the GoPro on the wood and strapped some rubber bands around it. I just took the supplied 4 washers (that was originally glued in the nose of the plane) and hot glued them on the vertical stabilizer. But well. Enjoy this beautiful bixler evening flight in HD:


HobbyKing Bixler plane Mods and Upgrades!

So as i cam back from my vacation i finally had the time to build my hobbyking bixler plane as it arrived the day before i took off to switzerland. I firstly didn’t think i was going to do any of the revolutionary modifications and upgrades everyone out there did, because i thought “Hey i’m just a beginner, i don’t need those fancy things!” But as i started building this plane, i realized why many of the people who owns this exact plane does those modifications and upgrades, it is the exact same reason i bought the plane in the first place, to be able to fly – even better and without worries (well sort of). I bought the plane as a kit version and therefore also all the electronics separately. This made it a little bit more tricky to put together as a complete newbie for planes. I have done several quadcopters which you can see here on my webpage, but planes is something completely new for me. So basically what this post is a about is the modifications and upgrades i did to my bixler plane and alternatives to those modifications/upgrades. So basically all the upgrades and modifications i know of will be put together in this one article. And if i missed something or if you have anything to add to this “list” of modifications PLEASE comment and i will add to this article, so we can get a article where you can go to see all upgrades and modifications and not 400 threads/articles with one or two different modifications/upgrades. All right? Lets get started!

Hold the wings together:

Glue them (Standard)

Put velcro on the underside (or top side) of each wing and and piece of velcro on the fuselage that attaches to the wings.

Velcro on the inner edges of the wings where the two wing halves joins together.

A hook on each side of the wing and a rubber band that attaches to those hooks and thereby pushes the wings together.

Strong magnets on the inner edge of the wings so when the wings joins, the magnets holds them together.


Stiffening/ making the plane more strong and durable:

Upgrade the 6mm carbon fiber spar in the wings to a stronger 6 mm carbonfiber spar. Or buy a 4 mm carbon fiber spar/rod and glue it into the existing 6 mm carbon fiber spar.

add a 3 – 4 mm carbon fiber rod in the slid under the fuselage to prevent it from flexing when using the elevator.

Use a 3 – 4 mm carbon fiber rod to strengthen the horizontal and vertical stabilizers.

Add glass fiber tape on the underside of the fuselage to strengthen and protect when landing.

Add glass fiber tape to the front edges of the wings to protect it from tall grass and / or trees.

Cover the nose in glass fiber tape to protect it from a nose dive.


Motor Mount:

Small parts CNC motor mount.

Homemade motor mount (Watch video above of how i did it)



Bigger propeller. Upgrade to 6*4 E propeller (TGS / APC), if used one of the above modified motor mounts a 7″ prop would be possibly to use. (see parts list below)

Upgrade the control horns to some 16*20 mm control horns. (see parts list below)

Pull out washers in the nose by pouring some hot water in the nose of the plane, the hot glue will eventually loosen and the washers can be pulled out. This will make it possible to fit a bigger battery (2200 mAh).


This was all the upgrades i could find and come up with. Have a good summer, bye!


It’s finally here! The Hobbyking Bixler plane!

As the title states, i (FINALLY!) received my bixler plane today. It’s beautiful and big. I worked a couple of hours on it today and i almost finished it. All i need to do is to add some heat shrink to the connectors, charge the battery and mount the ESC and motor. You can see some pictures of it so far below.

The plane i finished the wings, glued the fuselage together, added control horns, installed servos and added extensions.

Underside of the wing with servos installed.

Front of the fuselage. The whole plane kinda reminds me of a dolphin. But it is beautiful.

Horizontal and vertical stabilizers seen from the back. As you can see they align perfectly at 90 degrees.

Also i installed the rudder and elevator servo in the fuselage.

Look out for the “Part and Pieces” section in the future where i will be revealing the parts for my projects, quadcopters and planes!

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