Car FPV – once again

Hello again.

About a week ago i uploaded a video of me driving FPV with my Brushless 1:10 R/C car. Now all the snow disappeared (still very cold), and i went out driving again. This time on at a local Construction site. It was quite fun driving around in between the buildings and looking around from the ground. It was recorded with my GoPro Hero 2 camera and i was viewing the image through my Fatshark AttitudeSD video goggles. Here you can see the video from yesterday:



Car FPV is fun!

So yesterday i was out driving my car with FPV. It is a great 1/10 scale brushless car from It is the HBX Stealth X09 Brushless. I used my new set of Fatshark goggles – the AttitudeSD with the supplied 250mW transmitter. It was great fun! I used my GoPro as FPV cam and recording cam. Unfortunately i can’t put any images up of the setup as of now – which you will understand after watching the video.


Fatshark AttitudeSD

Alright so i went ahead and ordered the Fatshark AttitudeSD video goggles for use with FPV. This way i can see what the plane/multirotor/car sees and control as a real pilot/driver would! It is incredibly fun! I did a unboxing video of this which is here:

I got a video of me driving FPV with the goggles from inside of a car. It will be posted later today!

Beautiful Bixler evening flight in HD

So i discovered that the light outside was brilliant, and the weather for that matter, for some shots today. So i managed to quickly find a way mount the GoPro HD Hero 2 on the Bixler and balance it out. I basically took off the canopy, replaced it with a thin piece of wood held on with rubber bands. Placed the GoPro on the wood and strapped some rubber bands around it. I just took the supplied 4 washers (that was originally glued in the nose of the plane) and hot glued them on the vertical stabilizer. But well. Enjoy this beautiful bixler evening flight in HD: