Tricopter build Part 3 – Flashing the ESC’s

Flashing the ESC’s with SimonK firmware

Parts you’ll need in this step:

3x Blueseries 30A ESC’s

USB ASP programmer

Socket flash tool


Lazyzero multicopter flashtool

Let’s flash:

So the first thing you should do is to cut the heatshrink off. Try to cut a straight line in one of the sides so it will be easier to reassemble.

Skærmbillede 2013-03-03 kl. 22.41.08

Now read carefully. On the processor itself, there are a round circle or a “dot” you could call it, in one of the corners. That is your reference point on the ESC. Also on the socket flash tool you are going to use there are a red dot on one of the corners as well. These two should line up! Very important or else it won’t work:

Skærmbillede 2013-03-03 kl. 22.56.47

(i marked them up on the picture so you know what to look for)

Next is to plug in your USB flash tool to the computer install the necessary drivers, and open up the Multicopter flash tool by LazyZero.

Remember to unplug the small jumper on the USBasp tool. Otherwise it won’t connect to the computer.

Here is the settings you need to set in the Multicopter flash tool before putting the socket flash tool on the ESC:

Skærmbillede 2013-03-03 kl. 23.03.52

If the image is too small to see anything here is the settings:

Controller  : “Atmega 8-based brushless ESC (8kb flash)”

Firmware :

First box : “BS N-FET”

Second box : “BS N-FET V2012-09-30 by Simon Kirby”

That’s all you need to select. Now basically just connect the Socket firmware flash tool to the ESC with the right orientation and then hit the green button on the far right and wait a few seconds and it will say something like:

“AVRdude.exe finished…”

And you’re done. Now do that to the rest of the ESC’s and wait for the next step.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading and Goodbye!


Fatshark AttitudeSD

Alright so i went ahead and ordered the Fatshark AttitudeSD video goggles for use with FPV. This way i can see what the plane/multirotor/car sees and control as a real pilot/driver would! It is incredibly fun! I did a unboxing video of this which is here:

I got a video of me driving FPV with the goggles from inside of a car. It will be posted later today!

ETA of Turnigy 9XR?

ImageSo is it only me that’s anxious to know when the new Turnigy 9XR radio comes out? I can barely wait! On the official 9XR thread, hobby kings CEO said that they had to hire 60 new employees to produce enough of these radios. And the production should have started early August. This means they should have a whole lot of radios by now, so hopefully it will be released in the upcoming weeks! Heres a link to the 9XR thread if thats of interest to you. Express your opinion in the comments section below!

Sneak peak of the transmitter can be seen in this video:


HobbyKing MultiWii PRO with MTK GPS module

HobbyKing MultiWii PRO with MTK GPS module:

So i saw on hobbyking that they launched a series of multiwii boards and one of those even has a gps module with. So i couldn’t restrain myself and i went ahead and ordered it. It arrived today and i looks very good so far. I haven’t tested it yet but i sure will do that over the weekend. So far i have made a “unboxing” video so you can get an impression of what this really is. I’m planning on using this with the MegaPirateNG or Arducopter IF i can. Some say it won’t be compatible and some say it will. So i’m going to find out myself. IF i however can’t make it work with those programs, i will be using the newest version of the MultiWii which i believe is the v2.1 – i don’t know so maybe i’m wrong. Don’t take my word for it. But for now you can enjoy the unboxing video and i will return with more on this board.