HobbyKing MultiWii PRO with MTK GPS module

HobbyKing MultiWii PRO with MTK GPS module:

So i saw on hobbyking that they launched a series of multiwii boards and one of those even has a gps module with. So i couldn’t restrain myself and i went ahead and ordered it. It arrived today and i looks very good so far. I haven’t tested it yet but i sure will do that over the weekend. So far i have made a “unboxing” video so you can get an impression of what this really is. I’m planning on using this with the MegaPirateNG or Arducopter IF i can. Some say it won’t be compatible and some say it will. So i’m going to find out myself. IF i however can’t make it work with those programs, i will be using the newest version of the MultiWii which i believe is the v2.1 – i don’t know so maybe i’m wrong. Don’t take my word for it. But for now you can enjoy the unboxing video and i will return with more on this board.






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