It’s finally here! The Hobbyking Bixler plane!

As the title states, i (FINALLY!) received my bixler plane today. It’s beautiful and big. I worked a couple of hours on it today and i almost finished it. All i need to do is to add some heat shrink to the connectors, charge the battery and mount the ESC and motor. You can see some pictures of it so far below.

The plane i finished the wings, glued the fuselage together, added control horns, installed servos and added extensions.

Underside of the wing with servos installed.

Front of the fuselage. The whole plane kinda reminds me of a dolphin. But it is beautiful.

Horizontal and vertical stabilizers seen from the back. As you can see they align perfectly at 90 degrees.

Also i installed the rudder and elevator servo in the fuselage.

Look out for the “Part and Pieces” section in the future where i will be revealing the parts for my projects, quadcopters and planes!

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