Announcement! – Scratch built FPV Plane

Some of you probably already noticed the “Scratch built FPV plane” link under the Parts and pieces tab. So this post is basically dedicated to announce my scratch built FPV plane, which isn’t quite finished yet, but close! It has got a wingspan of 1.57 meters, and is designed to easily carry 2 x 5000 mAh 3s batteries. Well, enough talk! Let’s see some sneak peek photo’s shall we?

(If you share this site with friends and/or family, i might publish the plans for this plane! But only if i get enough subscribers!)

This is the wing. 1.57 meters! It is HUGE! Inside is a 140 cm carbon tube, 100 cm carbon tube and a 48 cm aluminum tube to strengthen the mid-section.

This is the inside of the fuselage. And once again HUGE! It can carry A LOT of batteries.

Again the fuselage. It is gonna be a big and beautiful plane!

Oh and i forgot to mention it has got two rooms. Now there’s no limit’s of what you could be hiding… Ha ha..

And this is the wing from the side. This airfoil has been sanded down from five layers of 5 mm thick foam glued together. It took a couple of hours and some sweat..

So look forward to check the “Parts and Pieces” tab in the future for upgrades! (If you share this site with your friends and families so we can get a whole lot of people designing and building their own R/C stuff, I might put out the plans for this.)



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