FPV gear stuck in customs

I am worry you haven’t heard from me in a couple of days. But i don’t really have anything to say. Well yes i do, i made a new landing gear for my quadcopter. It is a bit more simple and not as big, as before. It does actually work quite well. And as you can see in the titel my FPV gear is currently stuck in the customs, so.. a bit longer. Hopefully the first parts will arrive for my Bixler soon. But we’ll see. Have fun till i see ya!



3 thoughts on “FPV gear stuck in customs

  1. Martin, what is the most important reason you add a landing gear: in my opinion (but hey, I am still building my first quadcopter) this increases the risk of landing crashed, because if you land a bit slanting, this could mean that the rotorblades hit the ground first?

  2. I would like build the same quadri copter, how long is your fly and what lipo do you use ?

    • Well, you could look under the “Parts and pieces” tab that provides you with all the items used to build my 3 quadcopters. And my flight time is around 8-10 minutes.

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