New video – motors and KK board mounted!

Hello. I’ve been quite busy the past week so unfortunately i haven’t been able to edit my video log. But here it is, Check it out – and of course subscribe! I will be editing the next video tomorrow so it will be up soon. But for now, enjoy!




2 thoughts on “New video – motors and KK board mounted!

  1. Hello Martin,

    I’m also building a quadcopter with a kkmulticopter blackboard. I’m also using the HK transmitter, but mode 1, so throttle is on the right.

    But i cannot get it to work. Can you tell me wat your transmitter settings are? Have you set someting via PC? wat connections did you made from the receiver to the board?

    Simon Blok

    • Which firmware do you have on the kk blackboard? And which mode (+ go X-copter). I have the v2.5 by minsoo kim (i think?!) and i am building a X.copter. EPA adjustments are all 100% except Ch3 (throttle) Which is 120%. Channel 1 + 2 is reversed. Other than that i didn’t do anything particular. I did put aileron on the KK board to channel 1 on the receiver. Elevator to channel 2 on receiver. throttle to channel 3 on the receiver. And rudder to channel 4 on the receiver. A good site for setting it up and explaining how everything works is here:

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