First parts arrived

Today i received the first parts for my first quadcopter.

This is what i need for to control my quadcopter. I got a power distribution board (the left black board with silver circles) so i can power all my ESC’s and motors. I got some wires and servo plugs for connecting it all up. I got some heat shrink for covering up the soldered parts. I got the brain of the quad, the KK blackboard v5.5 i got off ebay for around 25$. And lastly i got the USB ASP to flash the firmware of the KK board.

Here is a closer look of the main parts:

This is the KK multi controller board v5.5. This is going to be controlling and stabilizing the quad. This board can be programmed for different multicopters. But only up to as much as 6 motors. So this can be programmed up to a Hexacopter or a Y6.

This is the power distribution board. This is where i am going to connect all the ESC’s and power the motors. I will be connecting a battery with the positive lead in the right open circle in the bottom and the negative lead in the left open circle. In that way all the outer silver circles will provide a positive current and all the inner silver circles will provide a negative current. In this way you will be able to power all the ESC’s without taking a lot of space with a wiring harness. And it is also lightweight.

This is the USB ASP that is used for upgrading/flashing the firmware on the KK board. This makes it possible to program the KK board for all kind of different multicopters.

Hopefully more parts will arrive soon.



2 thoughts on “First parts arrived

  1. Nice stuff!

    Where did you buy the power distribution board ?

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